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Are you stuck in your life? Confronted by a conversation or a crisis or just merely a decision to be made about a topic regarding money? Are you stuck not knowing, uncomfortable with the idea, of making the wrong choice or afraid or even with the fear of doing the wrong thing.

The number one challenge for all people across the country and around the world are often a financial one. Inside our relationship to money, to wealth or even worth, we often freeze in the sight of a tough decision, a real hard choice. Or facing the facts when it comes to owning where we are and owning where we are not financially. This is why the birth of a financial life professional came to be. The Financial Life Professional is someone you’d want to lean into,  listen to, be led by, perhaps even engage, as they a built to coach, to lead, to advise you, as a money coach in all things financial, you and your financial future. Why this is important is because you deserve to live into a great financial life, with power, with grace and ease.

But you’re robbed of that. Because it’s being left to you, and often times like most people, we deflect, and if fact leave that to the professionals. Others, who in fact taken your money, provided you advice, or perhaps even direction, and leave it for a better day. But today is the best day. Take action to be confident and to be clear as to where you’re headed financially. This is why the three promises of a Financial Life Professional should resonate with you. The first is a promise to get you clear and present in your financial life. This is imperative. Because often times we are driven shaped by, if not, held hostage from the narratives and the stories we have on circumstances we’ve got with money, with our wealth, or our worth.

The second promise of a Financial Life Professional is that they will have to own your financial life, and its entirety. All the good, all the bad and all the ugly. You need to be gripped by the financial life you’ve got, You need not be gripped by the financial life you’ve got, you can be in fact freed from the grip its got of you, so to go and design your financial future by your hands. Not by someone else’s.

 And that brings me to promise number three of a Financial Life Professional. They will help you not only re-define your financial life in the future, but have you co-author it so you can lead, live and leave legacy that will make you proud. This is what it means to have a financial life professional in your life. Taking the hybrid approach of all thing financial, all things money, wealth and worth, understanding where you’ve been, where you’re going, what you need and what you deserve, and sitting down and having the courageous conversation with you, so you can break down, compartmentalize and create a new direction for you and your financial life.

 Often times people live miserably into the future, because they know that if left to their own devices, if things were left unchanged and unchallenged, it’s not so bright. You deserve to live powerfully into a financial future, with power, grace and ease, but you’ve got to free yourself up. You need not in fact make yourself wrong any longer and you need not reset the course you’ve already travelled, we don’t need to retrace our steps and set upon a new journey. We can pick up from right exactly where you stand, where you are. We need not rehash the history, we need not know how you got here, we need not know what embarrassment turmoil, crisis, upset or dangers lurk in the corners of your financial lives, or future. All we know if this: If you want more, if you want more now, and if you want more without compromise, seek the advise, leadership and the heart of the financial life professional. Because their promise that you live and realize a great financial life without compromise. Starting now.

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