Legacy Student's Starter Plan (get coached by an FLP)

Legacy Student's Starter Plan (get coached by an FLP)

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Take action to be confident and to be clear as to where you’re headed financially. This is why the three promises of a Financial Life Professional should resonate with you. The first is a promise to get you clear and present in your financial life. This is imperative. Often times we are driven and shaped by, if not, even held hostage from the narratives and the stories we have on circumstances we’ve got with money, with our wealth, or our worth.


The second promise of a Financial Life Professional is that they will help you to own your financial life, and its entirety. All the good, all the bad and all the ugly. You need not be gripped by the financial life you’ve got. You can in fact be freed from the grip it's got of you, so you can go and design your financial future by your hands. Not by someone else’s.


Promise number three of a Financial Life Professional. They will help you not only re-define your financial life in the future, but have you co-author it so you can lead, live and leave a legacy that will make you proud. This is what it means to have a financial life professional in your life.


Get results with qualified Coach:

  • Hourly Zoom or Phone Calls
  • Recorded and Available in audio or video format
  • Various Topics available ranging from Assessments, Vault completion, Your calendar or other specific conversations the Financial Life Professional is qualified to discuss. I.e Realtor, Mortgage Agent, Financial Advisor or Insurance Agent
  • Financial Life Professional provides action steps to client after call summarized in a follow up email
  • Additional items completed outside of call time to be billed as agreed between client and Financial Life Professional

    Your Financial Life Professional will provide action steps and schedule to complete tasks using the Legacy Proprietary Tools and  Strategic Conversations in areas where Financial Life Professional is qualified to comment on.