Become a Financial Life Professional

Become a Financial Life Professional

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The Financial Life Professional™

Build a business helping people live and lead a Great Financial Life™

The Course Includes

Stage 1: The Path

Your journey begins by laying the groundwork for your new high-performing self. Choose the position you want to play:

  • LEADER: The Leader is in the game of empowerment and education, working within their network and growing their reach through educating clients about LEGACY programs, products, partners, providers and exclusive LEGACY deals, earning affiliate commissions when applicable.
  • COACH: The start of the vocational stream, the Coach is in the game of accountability, working within their network and growing their reach by educating and coaching clients through how to create a Great Financial Life™. Using their own experience and expertise, while also leveraging LEGACY programs, products, partners providers and exclusive LEGACY deals, the Coach can earn coaching and consulting fees as well as additional affiliate commissions when applicable.
  • ADVISOR: This if for the person who is committed to seriously improving the financial lives of those around them. The Advisor is in the game of accessibility, interested in and fully committed to working with clients as both a Leader and Coach, with the additional ability to guide their clients through the discovery, planning, and execution of their Great Financial Life™. This person has experience, confidence and the desire to be a trusted source of knowledge and expertise for their clients. The Advisor can earn consulting fees as well as affiliate commissions when applicable.

Stage 2: The Curriculum

Your journey to become a Financial Life Professional™ starts with the Financial Life Professional™ Foundations Course.

The Financial Life Professional™ Foundations Course is the instructional suite of videos designed to help you educate and guide others on how to complete a personal assessment of their affairs, define their critical path, and the physical organization and realignment of their financial life.

Once completed, you'll understand how to assist someone to transform the state of, and relationship to, their Financial Life.

Lessons Include:

  • Creating Your Financial Life Plan
  • The Financial Life Quotient
  • The Financial Life Vault

Course Completion time: 3 - 5 hours

Once you've completed the Foundations Course, you'll move on to the program specific to your selected position - Leader, Coach, or Advisor.

Stage 3: The Financial Life Professional™ Toolset

LEGACY will equip and train the Financial Life Professional™ with a set of proprietary tools. These tools will assist the Financial Life Professional™ in being able to educate, coach and lead others in courageous conversations around living a Great Financial Life™. These proprietary tools include:

The Financial Life Quotient (FLQ) - Financial Life Preparedness

  • Financial Life Intentionality
  • Financial Life Response-Ability
  • Financial Life Literacy

The Financial Life Vault™

  • Feature 14 areas of one's financial life
  • Including 58 sub-dimensions of one's financial architecture

The Financial Life Plan™

  • Featuring completion Financial Life Orientation
  • Including multi-dimensional conversations for a Great Financial Life™
  • A 12-month planning calendar, accountability structure, and metrics for outcomes

Stage 4: The Playbook

Dependent on your position as a Financial Life Professional™ - you'll deploy your own Playbook for professional conduct, a business plan if it were, wherein there are regularly scheduled trainings, programs, opportunities and presentations.

The Financial Life Professional™ Playbooks include:

  • The Financial Life Professional™ in the business as a LEADER Playbook
  • The Financial Life Professional™ in the business as a COACH Playbook
  • The Financial Life Professional™ in the business as an ADVISOR Playbook

Highlights include:

  • The 6 types of grit: most people think of grit as perseverance – but there are actually many more. Learn what they are and how to train and automate them.
  • How to turn fear into your motivational compass: once you adopt this thought pattern, you’ll start welcoming big challenges as an opportunity for growth, instead of avoiding them.
  • Strengthening your growth mindset: learn how to fortify your grit by focusing on the rewards of growth, instead of the pain of failure.