Financial Life Professional™ Foundation Certificate $997

Financial Life Professional™ Foundation Certificate $997

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Introducing The Financial Life Professional™

The Financial Life Professional™ lives at the crossroads of two critical discoveries:

- the discovery of one’s relationship with all things financial

- the discovery of one’s relationship with their life’s intentions, goals and aspirations

By engaging in a courageous conversation with the help of tools, technology, and proprietary processes, a Financial Life Professional™ helps people bring these two relationships together to create a Great Financial Life™– a life that is whole, complete, and performing financially.



The Financial Life Professional™ leverages LEGACY’s unique and proprietary process to help identify specific financial life breakdowns, allowing clients to produce measurable shifts, distinctions, breakthroughs and even transformations in their relationship with the state and future of their financial life.

This unique process is comprised of education, tools, and technology that gets clients clear, present to, and past the very challenges, upsets, discord or inactions that limit the attainment of their goals. It is a process that is the basis of The Financial Life Professional™ / Client relationship - a creative partnership  which seeks to:

  • Understand one’s financial preparedness, intentionality, and adversity-response profile by determining one’s Financial Life Quotient (FLQ)
  • Evoke and nurture strategies and a plan of action born out of the client’s goals, profile, and vision for what’s possible
  • Empower client accountability to produce a shift, breakthrough or outright transformation in their relationship with money, wealth, and worth
  • Give rise to a NEW financial future, one that is free of concern or compromise


Within the Financial Life Professional™ / Client relationship, Financial Life Professionals™ are committed to the following:

  • Helping their clients achieve a positive, enabling relationship with their money, wealth, and worth so as to create a Great Financial Life™
  • Exercising their skills and intuition to engage, encourage, and empower through an educative and collaborative conversation, inspiring others into action
  • Leading by example through getting present to the state, quality, and understanding of their own financial life