RICH U - LIVE Calls and Digital Access

RICH U - LIVE Calls and Digital Access

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Access to RICH U

What is it?  

 • Group Coaching both Live and Recorded with Richard Dolan on getting your relationship right with money, wealth and worth.

Why do it?

The SPORT of RICH - Weekly on Wednesdays

  • So, if you are serious about making more money!  If you want to attract more clients! If you need more referrals! If you want to raise more money to attract partners for joint venture deals or just need more deal flow, you’ve got to play the SPORT of RICH.  

Coaching Call - Weekly on Thursdays

  • Never has communication been more important than now. With everything going on in our world, being an excellent communicator and coach means making the difference you want to make in the world.  Each week, you'll learn how to communicate clearly and concisely so you can catalyze your audience and grow your influence.  You owe it to yourself to be the best communicator possible.   

Courageous Conversations - Monthly on Fridays

  • Join Performance Coach Richard Dolan and a special guest host or celebrity every month, if you're interested in seeking knowledge within the realm of performance.        

“No matter what, no matter where, a courageous conversation will surprise you. It will leave you inspired about life and what’s ahead. So why not? Join us for a Courageous conversation and I promise, you’ll be left feeling a little but more courageous than ever before.”